Give Yourself The Freedom & Luxury of Time to Elevate your Lifestyle

Elevate Your Lifestyle, Your Personal home liasion

Do you travel for work or pleasure?
Perhaps you prefer relief from daily chores;
do you seek the freedom and luxury of time?

Invite Elev8 Your Lifestyle,
to create a customized experience
that provides a unique solution
for managing your homes needs.

          ABOUT ME:
           My Efforts Equals Your Peace of Mind

My Promise: To give my clients the freedom of time and more peace of mind, enabling them to elevate their lifestyle by doing the things they love.
BESPOKE services

Having the luxury of time to do the things of importance is the ultimate freedom. Elev8 Your Lifestyle provides you the luxury time.

Home Concierge Services:
1. Curated Home Maintenance
2. Home Aesthetic Maintenance & Preservation
3. Storm Preparation (Installation & Removal)
4. Vehicle Maintenance As Needed
5. Bill Pay Services/In Your Absence
‍6. Mail Pick-up/Forwarding
7. Arboriculture Service Coordination
8. Natatorium Service Coordination
9. House Sitting

boxing & un-boxing

We coordinate estate sales, furniture transporting/shipping, packing & un-packing, vacation home set up prior to arrival and house breakdown after departure. Allow us to put things in and out of boxes for you!

1. Move In Coordination
2. Move Out Coordination
3. Vacation Home Set Up/Break Down
4. Storage Unit Itemizing & Sorting
5. Down-sizing Coordination & Transition
6. Estate Sales Coordination
7. Donation Coordination

organizing & decluttering

Organizing and Decluttering is easier said and is rarely a desired task, its understandable why spaces like junk draws, junk closets or dishelved rooms exist. Allow Elev8 the opportunity to revision your home or office spaces.


Why not spend it doing the things you want, with the people you love!

         North Palm Beach, Florida 33408